The five winners in the competition will be selected and announced on September 18th, 2020.

You can find full information about the selection criteria and selection process, the schedule, the rules, and the award fund of the competition in the General Terms and Conditions of PROMYANATA Special Edition. Please, read the document carefully.

Our Criteria:


  • The organization should have at least three years of experience – it should be registered as an NGO for public benefit no later than July 15th, 2017.
  • The organization should have implemented and reported at least two projects for the past three years, where these projects should have been financed by a government, a municipality, a foundation, a business sponsor, or other donors. These projects should be aimed at helping children and/or youth aged 0-24.
  • The organization should be able to prove it has a team of at least three employees/collaborators, who are hired under a labour or service contract.


-        The project should propose a specific solution to a social problem faced by children and/or youth (aged 0-24) who have been affected by the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The solution should be fully implemented within the period September 19th – December 18th, 2020.

-                                The proposed solution should be complex, i.e. it should involve complementary forms of support such as humanitarian support, psychological and social support, etc.

-                                The proposed solution should be based on the applying organization’s previous activities and gained experience.

-                                The proposed solution should provide support to at least 200 children and/or youth within the period September 19th – December 18th, 2020.

-                                The proposed solution should be implemented in partnership or count on support from other local organizations and institutions.



-                                The applying organization should have identified a clear organizational problem, which hampers its development and/or jeopardizes its sustainability.

-                                The applying organization should have identified one or several possible solutions to this organizational problem.

-                                The organization should have strong motivation and sufficient capacity to work together with PROMYANATA (Game Changers) to lay the foundation of this organizational problem’s solution.



-                                The organization should acknowledge that communication should be an important part of its activities, both for achieving a strong social impact and for ensuring sustainability.

-                                The organization should have basic communication capacity and should be willing and ready to invest resources in improving its communication efforts.

-                                The organization should be willing and ready to join an intensive communication campaign within the period October-December 2020 in a bid to promote its activities.


Award Fund:


The five best candidates will gain support through PROMYANATA Special Edition. This support includes:


All five organizations will share between themselves a total award fund of BGN 60,000 provided by ING, Aurubis Bulgaria, and NN Bulgaria. Three of these organizations will receive additional financing of BGN 17,000 each, which should be used as follows: BGN 10,000 to support children and/or youth; BGN 3,000 for salaries; BGN 2,000 for organizational development; BGN 2,000 for a communication campaign. The other two organizations will receive partial financing of BGN 4,000, which should be used as follows: BGN 2,000 for organizational development; BGN 2,000 for a communication campaign. One of the five finalist will receive BGN 1,000 as special award by the children's jury. 

In a bid to support organizations in their efforts to be more adaptive and more sustainable in the long run, Reach for Change Bulgaria will provide the following non-financial support: training as part of the PROMYANATA (Game Changers) Accelerator during the period September-October 2020 and individual consultancy during the period November-December 2020. This support will be based on the individual needs of each organization.

All five organizations will receive media support by Nova Broadcasting Group. During the period October-December 2020, they will be part of an active communication campaign, which will help them promote their work to a broad audience and attract support. Organizations will be able to benefit from special consultancy sessions in a bid to help them use their resources in the most efficient way possible.

All five organizations will join the PROMYANATA (Game Changers) community and will gain access to corporate partners and the community of social entrepreneurs who are part of the Reach for Change programmes in Bulgaria and 10 other countries over three continents.



For the latest information about the competition and all forthcoming consultancy opportunities, please follow PROMYNATA’s Facebook page.