The application system will be open from 08:00 h on July 15th until 23:59 h on August 16th, 2020. Candidates can only apply online on this address.

You can see the application form for the Special Edition of PROMYANATA here.

The Special Edition of PROMYANATA will support five NGOs that have proved solutions to help children and youth affected by the crisis. They will be selected and announced to the public on September 18th, 2020.

The five organizations will share a total award fund of BGN 60,000, provided by ING, Aurubis Bulgaria, and NN Bulgaria.

Three organizations will receive full financing of BGN 17,000 each, which should be used in the period September-December 2020, as follows:

  • BGN 10,000 to support children and/or youth;
  • BGN 3,000 – for salaries;
  • BGN 2,000 – for organizational development;
  • BGN 2,000 – for a communication campaign.

The other two organizations will receive partial financing of BGN 4,000, which should be used  in the period September-December 2020, as follows:

  • BGN 2,000 – for organizational development;
  • BGN 2,000 – for a communication campaign.

All five finalists will obtain the following non-financial support aimed at helping them achieve long-term sustainability:

  • Training in the Accelerator of PROMYANATA (Game Changers) Accelerator in the period September-October 2020 equal to 36 training hours;
  • 8 hours of individual consultations for each organization based on a jointly agreed topic;
  • Media support in the form of a communication campaign in the period October – December 2020 aimed at promoting the five finalists to the broad audience and attracting support. In order to be able to carry out a successful communication campaign and use their resources as efficiently as possible, organizations will receive special consultancy sessions and financial support in the amount of BGN 2,000.

Candidates will undergo four selection stages in the period August 17th-September 18th, 2020, which will involve experts from the Reach for Change Foundation, external experts, representatives of Nova Broadcasting Group, ING, Aurubis Bulgaria, NN Bulgaria, as well as children.

To find out more about the selection process and selection schedule, please see the  General Terms and Conditions of PROMYANATA (Game Changers). 

The evaluation stages and the way you will be informed are described in detail in the General Terms and Conditions of PROMYANATA (Game Changers) .

The Special Edition of PROMYANATA (Game Changers) will only accept projects proposing a specific solution to a social problem faced by children and/or youth who have been affected by the crisis such as:

- children in risk of poverty and social exclusion;

- children who are victims of domestic violence;

- children who are particularly vulnerable in times of isolation (disabled children, children under resident care, children who have special needs, including children facing a risk of serious mental issues);

- children whose parents are professionals working on the first line of the fight against the pandemic (police officers, medical doctors, nurses, etc.);

- children of single parents;

- children in risk of abandonment;

- children whose parents work abroad or are returning from abroad;

- children who are in conflict with the law;

- children who have limited access to healthcare.

This list is not exhaustive and can be extended.

The Special Edition of PROMYANATA (Game Changers) will only accept applications from NGOs that have public-benefit status.

Unlike the previous editions of PROMYANATA (Game Changers), the Special Edition will only accept applications from established and experienced NGOs. Based on the eligibility criteria, candidates should be NGOs that:

  • Have been registered as public-benefit NGOs no later than July 15th, 2017;
  • Have implemented and reported at least two projects for the past three years, where these projects should be targeted at helping children and youth have been financed by a government, a municipality, a foundation, a business sponsor, or other donors.
  • Can prove they have a team of at least three employees/collaborators working under a labour or service contract.

The only way to apply is by filling in the only form that you can find here. You can see all the steps you should make to register in the system here.

No. If you want to save the information you have filled in before leaving the page, you should press the “Save” button at the end of the form. Thus, you will save all information in the system, without sending the form for evaluation.

When you are done filling in the complete form in the online application system, you should press the “Send” button to register your application. Forms that have been saved but have not been submitted will not be reviewed. Forms that have been submitted on paper or via email will not be reviewed, either.

You can become part of PROMYANATA (Game Changers) in one of the following ways:

- Act as an ambassador and tell more about the initiative to people who may be interested in applying;

- Send us recommendations of potential applicants by sending us an email to We will get in touch with them and invite them to take part in the competition;

- Work with us – be our partner, mentor, or investor for some of the PROMYANATA finalists.

We will gladly answer your questions – please send them to

You can find the latest information about the competition, including information days and consultancy options, on the Facebook page of PROMYANATA (Game Changers).