1. What is the application deadline and procedure?

You can only apply online at this address. The application system will be open at 08:00 h on April 19th and will remain open until 23:59 h on June 7th 2022.

The application process is very simple and easy. All you need to do is fill in some short information about you (and your team) and some more detailed information about your solution. You don't need to attach any additional documents. You can see a template of the application form for PROMYANATA 2022 here.

2. What is the amount of financial support and what is the period over which it will be provided?

The big winner will receive a grant of BGN 20,000, and two of the rest of the finalists will receive BGN 15,000 each. The remaining two finalists will win BGN 5,000 each. Each of them should invest BGN 1,000 to promote their initiatives during the online voting stage and BGN 4,000 in materials for the advertising package on the channels of Nova Broadcasting Group. The rest of the funds will come in the form of non-targeted financial support for the period of the program and can be viewed as an investment in a start-up.

The winner and the finalists will sign an agreement, which will be valid between November 2022 and March 2023.  


3. How many finalists will be selected and when will their names be announced?

In the end of the competition, the big winner and the four finalists will be selected. The names of the finalists will be announced publicly in September 2022. They will move on to the next stage - the online voting, and the top 3 with the highest vote will meet representatives of the children's and adults’ jury in November 2022, who will select the big winner.


4. What is the selection procedure in the competition?

The selection of the finalists and the big winner will go through eight stages:

  1. 1.Technical verification.
  2. 2.Trained volunteers from Nova Broadcasting Group will review the applications.
  3. 3.Selection of the best applications by independent experts in the field of social activities, entrepreneurship, education, IT, children's rights, etc.
  4. 4.Interview with Bulgarian and international experts from Reach for Change .
  5. 5.PROMYANATA's Accelerator - intensive training and consultations divided in eight modules, each lasting one day. The detailed schedule and the dates of the modules will be provided to the approved candidates.
  6. 6.Interviews with employees of Nova Broadcasting Group and Reach for Change to select the five finalists. 
  7. 7.Online voting by the audience to select the three finalists who will present their projects to the Final Jury.
  8. 8.Meeting with the three finalists with the two juries (children's and grown-ups’), who will pick the big winner together.

To find out more about the selection process and schedule, please visit PROMYANATA General Terms and Conditions


5. What are the selection criteria for the competition?

In terms of the idea, it should be:

  • •Innovative, but with proved potential to be implemented in practice
  • •In an early stage of development
  • •Dedicated to a real social issue
  • •Substantial social effect
  • •To have the potential for effect on a significant part of the target group
  • •To have the potential for financial sustainability


In terms of the candidate - he/she should:

  • •Be the author of the idea and should be ready to dedicate themselves to it
  • •Have entrepreneurial spirit and habits
  • •Have leadership qualities
  • •Be socially engaged

You can find out more about the criteria at PROMYANATA General Terms and Conditions


6. When and how will I find out if I am moving on to the next stage in the competition?

You can find a detailed description of the evaluation stages and the way you will be informed at PROMYANATA General Terms and Conditions. 

7. Where can I find more information about previous projects you have supported in Bulgaria and abroad?

You can find information about the finalists in the eight editions of the PROMYANATA competition held so far here.

You can find information about other social entrepreneurs and their projects, supported by Reach for Change, here.

8. Are there any territorial quotas in the winner selection process?

There are no territorial quotas. We are giving equal chances to all applications both from Sofia and from any other place in Bulgaria.

In the eight editions of the initiatives held so far, about 50^% of the applications have come from social entrepreneurs, living and working outside Sofia. The finalists include social entrepreneurs from Sofia, Burgas, Varna, Vratsa, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo and other cities.

9. I have a great idea to improve the lives of children in the place where I live, but I don't work for any NGO. Can I take part in the competition?

Yes, of course. We accept applications both from NGOs, and from individuals, who are planning to set up their own NGO.

10. I have a business and I am planning on providing services that resolve a significant problem facing children and youth in Bulgaria. Can my organization take part in the competition?

Business organizations cannot take part in the competition, but you can apply as an individual.

11. I work for an NGO. On whose behalf should I apply - on my own behalf or on behalf of the organization?

If you are a manager of an NGO and your idea coincides with its mission and its goals, you can apply on behalf of the NGO. If you are not a CEO, but you are ready to lead a new project as part of your own organization, you can apply as an individual. Meanwhile, please note that to meet our evaluation criteria, you should demonstrate an initial stage of your idea's implementation.


12. How can I register in the application system?

The only to apply is to fill in the online form at this address. You can find out more about the registration steps here.


13. Does the application form save the filled-in information automatically?

No. To save the information you have filled in before you leave the page, press the “Save” button in the end of the form. This will save your information in our online system, without sending the form for evaluation.


14. How can I submit the filled-in form?

When you are ready with completing the full form in the online application system, press the "Save” button. This will register your application form in the competition. Forms that have been saved, but have not been submitted, will not be reviewed. Forms that have been submitted on paper or via e-mail will not be reviewed.

15. I don't want to apply for the initiative, but I still want to help. How can I do that?

You can join PROMYANATA in one of the following ways:

- Become a mediator and tell more about the competition to people who may be interested in applying;

- Recommend to us potential candidates for PROMYANATA, by sending an email to bulgaria@reachforchange.org. We will then contact them and will invite them to join the competition;

- Vote online for the new finalists on PROMYANATA's website. The online voting system will be active from September 27oth to October 17th, 2022.

- Work with us - become our partner or social investor for the social entrepreneurs who reach the finals in PROMYANATA.

16. Whom can I contact for additional information?

We will gladly answer your questions at bulgaria@reachforchange.org or on our Facebook page.

17. How can I receive up-to-date information about the development of the competition?

You can find up-to-date information about the competition, including information days and opportunities for consultations, on our Facebook page.




1. Can I vote for more than one candidate?

No. In the online voting stage, you can only vote once for one of the five finalists.


2. Can the system be tricked and what will you do in case of fraud attempts?

No, the system cannot be tricked. Still, we look out for any fraud attempts very closely. We reserve the right to disqualify candidates, if there are grounded reasons and suspicions of possible fraud or if an attempt has been made to manipulate the votes.


3. Will the final results of the online vote be verified?

Yes, after the online vote closes, the number of votes on the website is once again compared to the numbers in our database. Only unique votes will be valid. This means votes are cast from unique Facebook profiles, which have been registered in our database through the voting process.


4. How will the personal data be collected during the online vote used?

The personal data collected during the online voting process are only collected to verify the votes and will not be used for any marketing purposes. The voting takes place through a Facebook profile, and our database saves: Public profile, e-mail, birthday and place of residence, the candidate that has received the vote and the time of voting.


5. What comes after the online vote? Does the audience select the winner in the competition?

The three candidates who have won the highest vote will be invited for an interview with a Jury, including representatives of Nova Broadcasting Group and Reach for Change. In addition, the three candidates will present their projects in front of a children's jury. The two juries will make the final decision and select the big winner in PROMYANATA.