The big winner and the other four finalists in the competition will win a place in PROMYANATA Incubator for a period of one to five years. It includes:


Financial Support

Participants in the Incubator receive support to develop a sustainable business model. The first step is securing an initial capital of BGN 30,000 for the big winner and BGN 15,000 for each of the two finalists who win the highest vote in the online voting.


Professional Guidance and Advice

Reach for Change Bulgaria supports the development of social entrepreneurs through trainings, individual consultancy and providing access to its internationally recognized tools for strategic planning, social effect measurement and leadership. The winner and the finalists have individual mentors from Nova Broadcasting Group, who help them with their business knowledge and strategic advice.


Community and Contacts with Potential Partners

Nobody can change the world on their own – a social entrepreneur must attract people to their side. Therefore, participants in the Incubator gain access to PROMYANATA network of corporate partners (including potential investors, donors and other key contacts) and the community of social entrepreneurs in Reach for Change's programmes in Bulgaria and 17 more countries on three continents.


Public Trust and Media Coverage

Public trust is a key factor for the success of social entrepreneurs. Participants in the Incubator will benefit from a full-year media support by Nova Broadcasting Group so their projects can become more visible for their future partners, volunteers, donor organisations, and clients.


Finalists in PROMYANATA will enjoy a most intensive media support during the online vote. This is not just a stage in the selection process – it is a several-week-long intensive media campaign, during which information about the finalists and their activities is disseminated on TV air and in the digital channels operated by Nova Broadcasting Group.


In addition, all five finalists have passed a special training module in digital marketing and have received a micro-grant of BGN 1,000 to invest in promoting their project during the vote.


Find out how the finalists in the first four editions of PROMYANATA have evolved and grown thanks to their participation in the Incubator by viewing their profiles in Finalists.