1. Can I vote for more than one candidate?

No, you can only vote once for one of the five finalists.


2. Can I vote more than once for one candidate by using different PCs/devices and different browsers?

No, the system does not allow anyone to vote more than once for one candidate. You vote via your unique Facebook profile. Our database makes a record of the following data: your public profile, e-mail address, birthday and place of living, the candidate you have voted for and the hour of your vote. Thus, anyone can vote only once regardless of the different PCs/devices or browsers they may use.



3. Is the number of votes for the candidates updated in real time?

No, the system is updated continuously, but we cannot guarantee it shows the exact number of votes in real time. Furthermore, the number of votes you see on the website may vary depending on other factors such as your browser settings, cache settings, etc. Therefore, please bear in mind that the number of votes you see is approximate.



4. Is voting associated with donation?

No, voting is not linked with donation. Voting is free of charge and by giving your vote, you are not making a financial donation. On the other hand, if you donate, this will not affect the vote outcome.


5. How can I donate money to one of the finalists??


There are two ways to make a donation – by sending a donation SMS and by clicking on the "Donate" button. The "Donate" button will appear in the profiles of all five finalists, once you vote for one of them. The button will take you to the finalist's profile at the donation platform DMS where you will be able to  donate an amount of your choice. You can find more information about ways to donate via SMS for each of the finalists in their profiles. The price of 1 SMS for Telenor, VIVACOM, and A1 subscribers is BGN 1; for prepaid users, the price of 1 SMS is BGN 1.20 (VAT included).


6. Are donations allowed only for the finalist I support, or I can also donate money to the other finalists??

No, you can donate money for any of the finalists. If you wish, you can donate funds for all five of them.


7. Can I donate funds to support finalists in the previous editions of PROMYANATA?

No, you can only donate for the 2018 finalists (Knigovishte, Carrot, RockSchool, Technokrati, About Food) via PROMYANATA website. If you wish to donate funds to support some of the previous finalists, you can contact them directly – you can find links to their pages in their profiles.


You can also donate for PROMYANATA overall activity by sending a donation SMS with the following text in Latin: DMS PROMYANATA to 17 777. The price for Telenor, VIVACOM and A1 subscribers is BGN 1 for 1 SMS. For users of prepaid services, the price for 1 SMS is BGN 1.20 (VAT included). All funds donated for PROMYANATA will be used to support the social entrepreneurs who reach the final stage of the initiative.


8. Will the final results in the online vote be verified?

Yes, the vote will end on February 4th, and the next stage – a meeting of the three candidates who have attracted the highest vote, with the Jury, will take place on February 13th. We have left some time between these two stages to once again verify and compare the number of votes made on the website and the number in our database. Only unique votes made from unique Facebook profiles, registered in our database via the vote, will be deemed valid.


9. Once the online vote is over, what's next? Will the audience select the big winner in the competition?


The three candidates who have attracted the highest vote will be invited to a meeting with the Jury, comprising representatives of Nova Broadcasting Group and the Reach for Change foundation. In addition, the three candidates will present their projects to a child jury. The two juries will jointly make the final decision about the big winner in PROMYANATA competition. The winner will be announced in mid-February 2019.


10. Can the system be fooled and what will you do if you detect any fraud attempts?


No, the system cannot be fooled. Nevertheless, we keep a close eye to make sure there are no fraud attempts. We reserve the right to disqualify candidates or terminate the vote, should they have well-grounded reasons to believe and/or suspect possible fraud, or if an attempt has been made to manipulate the vote.


11. How many finalists will be selected and when will their names be announced?


In the end of the competition, one big winner will be selected. The winner will receive a grant of BGN 30,000. The other two finalists with the biggest vote in the online vote will get BGN 15,000 each. Furthermore, all five finalists will join PROMYANATA Incubator for a period of one year, during which period they will get training, consultancy from business mentors, access to the international network of social entrepreneurs, supported by Reach for Change, and media support thanks to Nova Broadcasting Group.

The names of the three finalists, who will receive financing from PROMYANATA, will be announced publicly after the end of the online voting, while the name of the big winner will be made public in mid-February 2019.


12. What is the competition's procedure?

The selection of the finalists and the absolute winner is made in six stages:
a)      Reviewing the applications by volunteers from Nova Broadcasting Group, who have undergone preliminary training;

b)      Selecting the best applications by independent experts in the field of social activities, entrepreneurship, education, IT, children's rights, etc.;
c)       Interview with Bulgarian and international experts from the Reach for Change foundation. The best candidates are then invited to join the Accelerator. The Accelerator is a free two-month training programme, which helps candidates develop their solution and their business plan, before moving ahead in the competition;

d)      Individual interviews with the participants in the Accelerator and a selection of the five finalists;
e)      Online public vote to select the three finalists, who will face the final jury;

f)       Meeting between the three finalists and the two juries – child jury and grown-up jury, who decide on the absolute winner together.


13. What are the selection criteria in the competition?

When it comes to the idea, it should be:
•         Innovative, but with a proved implementation potential
•         In an early stage of implementation
•         Dedicated to an actual social issue
•         Substantial social effect
•         Resulting in a change in the system
•         To have a development potential
•         To have a vision for sustainable financial development
In terms of the candidate – he/she should:
•         Be the author of the idea and ready to dedicate himself/herself to it
•         Have entrepreneurship spirit and habits
•         Possess leadership qualities
•         Be dedicated to social values and causes
You can find out more about our criteria in our Terms and Conditions for 2018/2019 (in Bulgarian)


14. Where can I find more information about previous projects that you have supported in Bulgaria and abroad?

You can find information about the social entrepreneurs and their projects, supported by Reach for Change, here.


15. Whom can I address for additional information, in case I have more questions, after I have read the general terms and conditions of the competition?

We will gladly answer your questions – please send them to bulgaria@reachforchange.org. Alternatively, you can send us a message on our Facebook page.



16. How can I receive the latest information about the competition's development in its individual stages?

You can find the latest information about the Change Leaders in PROMYANATA and the competition, including information days and consultancy options in our News Section and on our Facebook Page.