PROMYANATA (The Change) is in socializing the special children!


Svetoslav Samuilov's mission is to help disabled children in Bulgaria feel like all other kids - accepted and included in society. In an effort to reduce the existing level of inequality, he started organizing fitness sessions in a gym offering specific equipment that helps in the rehabilitation and socialization of children with special needs.

Svetoslav is a world and European grappling champion and a certified physiotherapist. Eight years ago, he suffered a car accident that left him immobilized. The idea was born when he started going to the gym. There, he realized he was dependent on people to help him move between the various pieces of equipment he was using. Meanwhile, one of the rehabilitators invited Svetoslav to hold a training session with disabled children considering his experience as a boxing coach and his abilities to keep his own body fit. This is how he started working with children.

When he saw the positive results in every aspect - both physical and mental, he thought it would be great to adapt some fitness equipment and premises to work with such children and develop their potential. He is already changing the lives of children with disabilities in Ruse, where the first such gym of such kind is operating.

Svetoslav's goal is to open at least one  gym with adapted fitness equipment in each of Bulgaria's big cities, where children with special needs could work out freely, even from their wheelchairs. This is extremely important for the socialization and health of the kids. In Bulgaria, there are no gyms equipped for the needs of disabled children, where they could work out freely. In normal gyms, they face many challenges and restrictions. Sports is a strong tool, removing barriers and helping children feel better, both physically and mentally, as well as deal with their everyday problems.

PROMYANATA (The Change) he seeks to achieve:


In order to help disabled children in Bulgaria get socialized, be happy, strong, and confident in their abilities and skills, and able to overcome barriers in life, Svetoslav and the team behind Zahariev Fight Team adapt and equip gyms where these children can work out, despite all limitations.


The adapted sports activities for disabled children develop their fine motor skills and strengthen their bodies, stimulating them to socialize with their peers, disabled or not. They have a positive impact on their physical and mental health. Working out encourages their desire and abilities to deal with everyday tasks, to overcome their shyness and sense of isolation, to meet other people and children, to find new friends, and get positive energy and joy. Nevertheless, there are no specially equipped gyms for disabled children in Bulgaria.


Zahariev Fight Team will create gyms with special equipment for children and youth aged 10-24 who have disabilities and special needs. Every child will be able to workout , even if they are in a wheelchair and their legs are unable to carry their weight. The gyms will have cardio equipment to help the overall physical development and physical endurance of the children. A salt room with a halogenerator machine will be built to boost the children's immune systems. There will also be a small indoor or outdoor swimming pool.


Svetoslav is already working with children and youth from Ruse in the first fully equipped gym with over 30 pieces of equipment and items where children can do dozens and even hundreds of different exercises. There are already positive results and the children share that they feel more energized, more balanced and more confident in their communication with other people.