The hospital's management contract expires at the end of April

Caretaker Minister of Health Galya Kondeva-Mankova revoked the dismissal of the director of the Pirogov emergency hospital in Sofia, Dr Valentin Dimitrov, the Ministry's press service reported here on Thursday.

To date, no evidence of abuse or corrupt practices has been found that would necessitate a change of leadership at the emergency hospital. It has been confirmed, however, that administrative irregularities were committed in the awarding of public procurements at the hospital.

The Pirogov emergency hospital is a facility of national significance, as its staff of 2,400 people processes some 200,000 emergency cases annually. It maintains structures that have no alternative elsewhere in Bulgaria.

The hospital's management contract expires at the end of April. A new competition for the director's position is to be held, until the end of which no changes in the management are necessary, the Health Ministry said. The tensions generated in recent months are having a negative impact on patient confidence and on medical professionals, and a short-term change in leadership will lead to disruptions in the normal workflow, the release concluded.

Източник: BTA