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Anton, Andon, Doncho, Antonia, Antoaneta, Donka, Anthony…


That was told to NOVA by sources familiar with the…

1 ден

40 infected people died yesterday

3 дни

84 people lost the battle with the virus on Thursday

4 дни

That was confirmed by the Press Office of the Commission

5 дни

There were injured people including nine policemen

6 дни

The time of isolation of those who had contacts with…

6 дни

The measures have been taken as the National Assembly…

6 дни

5219 patients are now in hospitals across the coutry

7 дни

A total of 505 samples have been tested

05 ян 2022

157 infected people died on Tuesday

05 ян 2022

The new rules will be valid for those comming from…

04 ян 2022

There was an icon-bearing procession