PROMYANATA (The Change) is in the financially literate children!


Ivan Atanasov and Yana Avramova created Monety Academy with the aim to improve one of the most critical life skills for Bulgarian children and youth - their financial literacy. 

Ivan is a financial expert with 20 years of experience  in the finance and banking field.. He has worked with innovative products and solutions that have resulted in the launch of multiple new financial services. 

The idea behind Monety Academy was born when Ivan started talking about money and finance with his older son. Faced with the task to teach his child how to easily adapt to the environment we live in, how to use mathematics in life, how to deal with his budget and spend his pocket money wisely, Ivan realized that children don't have access to educational resources to properly introduce them to the world of money. 

This is how the idea was born to create educational and financial products that could teach children how to be financially literate and how to manage their pocket money in real life.   

Yana Avramova joined Ivan, inspired by the mission to create a more literate generation of young people who know how to deal with money properly.

Yana is an accredited life and executive coach with ten years of experience in innovations, education and personal development and nine years of management experience. She is a winner of two European Awards for Innovations.


Their mission is joined by a team of a children's artist and illustrator, a marketing expert, a financial advisor, an IT advisor, and an educational advisor. 

Monety Academy is an online platform teaching children in 1-4 grade critical financial skills and positive habits such as discipline, responsibility and care. 

This type of platform is exceptionally important since in recent years financial literacy has become a focus of attention being one of the most critical skills in life that helps people be successful. In Bulgaria, the level of financial literacy among young people is way below the EU average, and financial education is poorly represented in the country's educational system.   

PROMYANATA (The Change) they seek to achieve:

With the aim to improve the financial literacy of Bulgarian children and help them be more successful in life, Monety Academy is developing an online platform to teach children in 1-4 grade key financial skills. The platform will offer consistent and logically built training materials using developed methodologies for learning through simulation of real-life situations, including chat bot functionality, educational games, and other interactive online tools.

Training sessions and games will take into account the children's age and stage of development, as well as the level of the new knowledge that is being acquired. Games and simulations will have an element of competition and various levels of difficulty and will offer awards and rankings to stimulate the children's long-term interest in financial skills. 

To help Bulgarian teachers and parents, the platform will also offer practical advice and a methodology for financial training that can be used in the children's daily  lives. 

The team behind Monety Academy has already created a product for teaching children financial skills - educational financial literacy cards called MONETY, which already help hundreds of parents teach financial skills to their children.

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