THE CHANGE is happening through all of us!

Ivaylo Bonev and Michailo Nikolic created Technokrati in a bid to give children an opportunity to develop their skills and imagination while learning through technologies.

Ivaylo acquired experience in the field of robotics and technologies while working at a hi-tech company in Denmark, where he studied and worked. Inspired by the new practices in local education, he decided to set up a technological educational centre for children in Bulgaria. 

Michailo has a nearly 20-year professional experience in the digital sector, computers and electronics. He is the co-founder of a major Sofia-based digital agency operating on the international market. Pursuing his passion to experiment, share and learn, Michailo set up a space for shared creation of innovations in the field of technology, science and arts.

The two of them met by chance and decided to unite their ideas, experience and resources to establish a centre, where children can learn about technologies through technologies. This is how Technokrati was born.

Technokrati is an educational centre for children utilizing new technologies in a bid to stimulate the children's imagination and give them plenty of scientific and practical knowledge, as well as skills for the future.

This type of preparation is more than necessary for the future generation since the technological revolution is gradually automating all former working processes. Thus, the skills needed in the future include skills such as creative thinking, communication, ability to work in a team and critical thinking.

THE CHANGE they want to achieve:

In order to help children be more successful in the future and unfold their full potential, Technokrati offer a complex training programme utilizing technologies as a means to unlock new interests and skills. They train children aged 7-16 in small groups, allowing working in team and giving individual attention to every single child.

In their courses in robotics, programming and green energy young Technokrati solve various practical tasks that they should solve on their own – for example, how to construct a wind turbine or how to programme a robot. This process encourages them to think creatively, be curious, but also patient, and to work together. Thus, the Technokrati' courses achieve several goals: they introduce children to the variety of technologies that they can use effectively, placing them at the centre of an active educational process. They are free to create, experiment and find new horizons.

Technokrati work with several schools in Sofia, and have organized private courses for children and youth. Ivaylo and Michailo want to contribute to introducing innovative tech programmes in more schools in a bid to reach the young population across Bulgaria. To this end, they are working on a training programme suitable for educational institutions, which will use technologies as a means to learn established school disciplines and personal skills. In addition, based on the hardware their experience with the software they use, they can consult schools and institutions on ways to invest smartly in new technologies, thus contributing to the development of the educational process.