PROMYANATA (THE CHANGE) is believing in the superpowers of every child.

Meet Kunka Velikova and Nina Dimova. Kunka is an educational and career development expert. Nina has big experience in project development and management. Nearly 10 years ago, they were united by their desire to help people. Ever since, they have been working together on various projects in the field of child and youth education, as well as supporting disadvantaged people.

What is Things with Soul?

Things with Soul creates educational games and materials to help children learn easily while they play. With these materials, kids can learn various skills such as fine motor skills, coordination, speech, imagination. They help them learn the letters, the numbers, interesting facts about nature and the world. The materials have been adapted to the educational system and can be used by all children to train what they have learnt in class. However, they are particularly useful for children with special educational needs, who find it hard to learn solely based on the textbooks and paper handbooks. All materials have been developed in partnership with experts and have been handcrafted with love by disabled people.

Why Things with Soul?

Meetings with parents, children and teachers over the years have convinced Kunka and Nina that the educational system needs a change – simply because children are different. Thousands of kids have difficulties learning because they understand and memorize information in a different way. Unfortunately, the educational system is not adapted to their needs. For children, this results in loss of interest and motivation to learn. For parents and teachers, this makes them look for solutions to teach the materials on their own. Kunka and Nina see that there are hundreds of foreign materials for children with specific educational needs. They decide to start to create such materials in Bulgaria and set up Things with Soul.

How does Things with Soul work?

The educational materials produced by Things with Soul are made in close collaboration with experts – pedagogues, speech therapists, psychologists. The team behind Things with Soul follows the global trends and is inspired by the new methods in education, placing children in the centre of the educational process.

The toys and materials are made of high quality materials, and each product is finished by hand by special people with big smiles and big hearts and wide smiles. These are disabled people who have found an opportunity to work and help others as part of Things with Soul.

The materials made by Things with Soul include a special “writing simulator”, which helps kids train the curves of letters and numbers, shape puzzles, fairytales and curious facts about nature, calculation tabs, etc. All of them are intuitive and help children train individually after their initial work with their teachers and/or their parents. In several weeks’ time, kids can see they are making fast progress. They realize they can do things and become more motivated to move ahead.

Things with Soul has been operating successfully for over a year, with hundreds of experts and parents, including outside Bulgaria, trusting their products. Kunka and Nina’s dream is that through Things with Soul every child will feel accepted, learn without any stress, develop in line with his/her abilities and feel satisfied. They also want to see teachers and parents who are confident they can satisfy the needs of their children and help them succeed.