PROMYANATA is giving wings to children

For 18 years now, the June 1 association has been helping intellectually and physically challenged children and youth from problematic and low-income families in the region of the town of Byala Slatina. They organise charity campaigns providing children and their families with clothing, toys, school materials, computers, and other items that are necessary for their development.

They work in partnership with librarians and community centre staff, as well as with kindergartens and schools in the area in a b id to set up laces where children can learn and play efficiently and evolve their talents and interests. They consult the parents of children with special needs how to support the development of their kids. The organise workshops for disabled children and events to encourage communication between them and their peers. They are always there for the people who need them and are ready to find a solution to any challenge.

Why support them:

In the spring of 2020, June 1 quickly realised that children living in small towns and villages and their families are not prepared to learn in a situation of lockdown. They don’t have the necessary resources. Youngest students aged 5-7 who are yet to start school or are in the first grade, are the most vulnerable group among them.

They find it hard to get used to the digital learning process and lose interest in studying as a whole. It is much more difficult to incite this interest at a later age and lacking such interest may lead the children to drop out of school. 1 June want to prevent that.

Therefore, they developed a programme to secure children with a learning environment, materials, guidance and trainings. According to their plan, there will be xperts who will provide emotional and psychological help to the children and their families. Volunteers will show the parents how to teach their children in a digital environment, while librarians would help them in the learning process.

The team of June 1 is also planning on building and equipping shared learning premises in community centres available to children and their parents. They will also provide learning and technical materials for a comprehensive educational process. Thus, families and children will feel more confident and better prepared for the first grade.

The team of June 1 believe that every child has the right to develop in line with its own abilities regardless of their current environment. And their job is to prove that.