PROMYANATA is about educated children.

For 20 years now, the Amalipe Centre for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance has been working for the better future of Roma children and youth, and for the whole community in general. They help them get to know and preserve their culture and history. They introduce civil values and local civil leadership inside the community in a bid to support its modernization, enhance its development, and overcome prejudice and social exclusion.

They believe that change starts with education. In partnership with nearly 300 schools around the country, they have developed a model that turns school into an interesting and welcoming place for every child. They involve parents in the school life, and create a network of mentoring students. They are focused on the abilities and success of every child and give them confidence they can succeed. As a result, less than 1% of the students in the schools where they work drop out. There is a decline in early marriages, while 92% of students continue their education after the 7th grade.

Why support them:

The COVID-19 pandemics faced schools from vulnerable and poor communities with a new challenge – their inability to join the digital education process. A survey carried out by Amalipe in over 200 schools showed that ¼ of all students don’t have the necessary devices or skills to use them properly.

In a bid to help those students, Amalipe are launching the campaign “Old devices for a new beginning” urging everyone who can to donate their old working digital devices. The devices will be given to the schools and the children of families in need that they work with.

However, their support for children does not end here. In order to teach them to use the devices efficiently in the learning process, mentoring students will be involved. These are active young people who can easily relate to their peers, act as their mentors, and motivate them. In addition, Amalipe will organise meetings between the children and IT professionals and other successful people. They will be the examples that students will want to follow and will help them believe in their abilities and follow their dreams.

The team of Amalipe know that these kids have huge potential and should not be neglected. What they need is just a little hope and someone who believes in them today so they can become the doctors or IT experts who will help the world tomorrow.