PROMYANATA is about successful children and parents

For 17 years now, the Future for the Children Association has been helping children with physical, emotional, and behavioural problems and their families in the region of Kazanlak. They believe that any child can be successful as long as they have a positive and supportive environment.

Through various therapies and consultancies, they give the disabled children a chance to develop their physical skills and gain social skills so they can have an independent life one day. They offer advice and supports to the parents so they can be confident and prepared to take care of their children at home. They organise charity campaigns and provide the families in need with food products, clothes, learning materials, and other necessary items. They help families stay together and keep children in school so they can develop and feel accepted.

Why support them:

The COVID-19 pandemic completely changed the everyday lives of children and their parents. Kindergartens, schools, social services that they used to count on, are not operating in the same way and are not available in times of isolation. Thus, the responsibility for the education and special needs of children falls mainly on their parents who are not ready to take it completely and don’t have the necessary knowledge. This creates tension within the families and has negative impact on the development of children, their emotions, and behaviour.

The team of Future for the Children has found a way to be close to the parents and the children in this tough period. They are developing online materials containing educational games, fairytales told by actors, all sorts of fun workshops and advice for parents. Furthermore, they will offer online consultancies with experts. Thus, they will help parents develop their children’s skills and spend their time at home together meaningfully and efficiently.

Future for the Children want to meet the needs of every child and their family regardless of the environment they live in. They know that efforts invested in the early child development give children a better start in life and always pay of.