The five finalists in the sixth edition of the PROYMANATA (Game Changers) competition for social entrepreneurs need your support to determine who best meets the following description:

The CHANGE LEADER is dedicated to an important problem facing Bulgarian children and youth.

The CHANGE LEADER has a tested solution and the ambition to help all children affected by the problem.

The CHANGE LEADER sees opportunities where others see obstacles.


Choose one of the five finalists and vote by February 3rd.


see vote rules here

In addition, you can help the PROMYANATA (Game Changers) finalists by donating funds to support their projects.

Donating is not associated with voting in any way. Voting is free and by giving your vote, you are not making a financial donation. On the other hand, if you donate, this will not affect the vote outcome.

There are two ways to make a donation – via donatin SMS and via the Donate button. The Donate button will appear on the profiles of all five finalists after you vote for one of them. It will forward you to the DMS donation platform, where you can donated the desired amount. You can find more information how to donate via donation SMS for each of the finalists on their profiles.