For six years now, the mission of PROMYANATA (Game Changers) has been to ensure a safer, happier future for Bulgarian children. We gave 26 social entrepreneurs the chance to unfold their ideas, and, on their turn, they helped 200,000 children and youth to be healthier, to develop from the earliest age possible, to have access to higher quality education, and get an equal start in life.

In 2020, amid a global pandemic, Nova Broadcasting Group and Reach for Change Bulgaria are launching a special edition of PROMYANATA to support the most vulnerable members of our society – children and youth that have been most affected by the crisis.



We believe that the best way to help them now is to support the organizations that have been by their side for years – they know their problems and have proved working solutions. We also believe that amid the crisis we are experiencing, it is important to be together. Therefore, we have partners who are joining the cause – ING, Aurubis Bulgaria, and NN Bulgaria.

As part of the special edition of PROMYANATA (Game Changers), together, we are going to support five NGOs. We will provide them with grants so they can help children and youth that have been most affected by the crisis. We will support their efforts to sustain their organizations and achieve long-term stability. We will make their work visible in a bid to show the good example and help them attract supporters.