The warning is issued for Blagoevgrad, Pazardzhik, Plovdiv and Smolyan

An orange code for snow has been announced for four regions in Bulgaria - Blagoevgrad, Pazardzhik, Plovdiv and Smolyan. A yellow code has been issued for seven other districts in Western Bulgaria. For Kardjali, the code for snow and rain is also yellow, and for Haskovo, a yellow code for rain has been announced.

On the night of Friday, precipitation will cover almost the entire country, snow will fall in the western half, and rain - in the eastern half. Snowfall will be significant in the Rila-Rhodope region. The maximum temperatures will be between 1°C and 6°C, in the eastern regions a little higher, in Sofia 1-2°C.

Snow will fall across the country on Friday as well. In the eastern parts there will be raining. In the evening and on Saturday a heavy snow is to fall in the Balkan Mountains, Pre-Balkan and the Danubian Plain.