The National Association "United Farmers" is joining the national protest

Farmers and agricultural processors are launching protest actions at key points across the country, blocking border crossings, main roads and motorways. The protest will be joined by representatives from all agricultural sectors, along with the association of bulk carriers and a representative from the processing sector. The protest is aimed at the decision to lift the ban on imports of certain products - wheat, corn, rapeseed and sunflower seeds - originating from Ukraine after September 15.

The National Association "United Farmers" is joining the national protest, chairman of the organization Ventsislav Mitkov told BTA.

Roadblocks are expected at two places in Yambol region because of the farmers' protest - the roundabout at Petolachka and the road junction between Yambol and Sliven on the Trakia motorway. This was announced by the initiative committee of 26 organizations from the agricultural industry. The blockade near Yambol starts at 10 am.

Източник: BTA