The demonstrations start on Tuesday

The Bulgarian Agrarian Chamber has decided to start protests throughout the country on Tuesday. The decision was made despite the promised financial support from the government.

They will come out with heavy equipment in 85 points throughout the country, ready to block roads and border crossings. 

The National Association of Grain Producers has also announced indefinite strike action starting tomorrow, as it defines the state's proposal as "unsatisfactory and unacceptable".

The state offers those employed in the industry an extra EUR 5,12 per decare immediately and another EUR 5,12 until September for the first 3,000 decares of land, and for the remaining areas – EUR 2,56 per decare now and another EUR 2,56 until September. A total of EUR 76,8 million of additional support is planned for producers of meat, milk, eggs, fruit and vegetables due to cheaper imports from countries outside the EU and increased costs for farmers.

Източник: BNR