A march against Lukov March took place in Sofia on Saturday

By order of Sofia Municipality, the holding of Lukov March has been cancelled, City Hall said in a press release.

Lukov March is torchlit procession which has been taking place annually in February since 2003 to mark the anniversary of General Hristo Lukov's execution-style murder by two Communist militants in his home in Sofia's Trakia Street. Lukov (1888-1943) was a popular military commander but was also known for his close links to the Third Reich and his activity as leader of the far-right Union of Bulgarian National Legions.

The order was issued after the Sofia Directorate of the Interior received a notification that people are gathering in the area of the National Palace of Culture in order to hold a commemorative mourning procession in memory of General Lukov, which was not approved by Sofia Municipality. The notification stated that the procession would lead to disturbance of public order and was to be terminated.

Sofia Municipality issued a letter agreeing only to a commemorative ceremony with a rally in Trakia Street. The agreement letter was appealed before the Sofia City Administrative Court and returned as null and void.

A march against Lukov March took place in Sofia on Saturday. Its starting point was Lake Ariana in the Borisova Garden, then it passed through the Eagles Bridge and Sofia University, continued along Dondukov Blvd., and reached the square in front of the Sofia Regional History Museum.

Earlier in the day, the Bulgarian Socialist Party issued a position against the Lukov March, stressing that neo-fascism is a threat to the whole world.

Източник: BTA