The President is to form a caretaker cabinet

President Rumen Radev handed the third and last mandate for forming a cabinet to There Is Such a People (ITN) party. They gave it back unfulfilled.

“We are glad this 9-month long agony is over”, Ivaylo Valchev from ITN said when he gave the folder empty.

He stated that his party fully understands the situation the president has been placed in by the "unnecessary" changes to the Constitution, which ITN voted against.

On his part, Radev announced he was beginning meetings with all potential prime ministers in the future caretaker government. It is the caretaker cabinet’s principal job to organize the early parliamentary election. 

The president can choose the caretaker prime minister among: the president of the National Assembly, the governor and the deputy governors of the Bulgarian National Bank, the president and the vice president of the National Audit Office, and the ombudsman or a deputy ombudsman.