He has agreed to head the next caretaker government

President Rumen Radev handed the President of the National Audit Office Dimitar Glavchev (GERB) the folder with the mandate for forming a caretaker cabinet. Radev thanked Glavchev for being the only one of the potential candidates, invited for preliminary talks for the post, to have agreed to take on the commitment.

“It is a difficult decision for both of us. I am approaching the task with a great deal of responsibility. It was the only alternative for preventing a constitutional crisis. I shall present to you a composition of a government equidistant from all political forces, experts of good standing in society,” Dimitar Glavchev said on Saturday.

The President urged him to fulfil the mandate within seven days, and Glavchev agreed, as this would allow the organization of 2-in-1 elections – for European and for  Bulgarian parliament simultaneously.

The Bulgarian president promised he would not interfere in the formation of the cabinet in any way.

The Constitution does not set down a deadline in which Dimitar Glavchev has to put forward a caretaker cabinet. It is a caretaker government’s principal task to organize fair and free elections.