It should be 1080 BGN, the unions insist

In 2025, the minimum monthly salary should go up to BGN 1080 BGN (EUR 542), said Lyuboslav Kostov, Chief Economist at the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria (CITUB). He participated in a conference entitled "The EU Minimum Wage Directive: Opportunities for Trade Unions in Bulgaria," organized by the industrial federations of the Confederation of Labor Podkrepa and CITUB.

 According to the expert, the minimum wage should increase by 15.7%. He recalled that according to the analysis of CITUB, BGN 1450 (EUR 728) is needed for one working person in Bulgaria to live normally. The trade unionist hopes that there will be progress in the negotiations between the trade unions and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy on the implementation of the texts from the European directive regarding the minimum wage. The deadline for implementing the directive is November 15. On September 1, the Minister of Labor and Social Policy must set the minimum wage for the coming year.