The final results show how many MPs from each party are to sit in the plenary hall

The results of the snap parliamentary vote in Bulgaria have been officially announced by the Central Electoral Commission. The numbers show that a total of seven parties enter the 48th National Assembly. These are GERB-SDS, "We Continue the Change", DPS, "Vazrazhdane", BSP, "Democratic Bulgaria" and "Bulgarian Rise".

There will be 67 MPs from GERB-SDS, "We Continue the Change" - 53, DPS - 36, "Vazrazhdane" - 27, "BSP for Bulgaria" - 25, "Democratic Bulgaria" - 20, "Bulgarian Rise" - 12. Their names are expected to be announced within days. 

A total of 2 601 963 Bulgarians voted on Sunday. 87 600 of them did not support anyone.