MEP from "Renew Europe" Ilhan Kyuchuk asked question on that topic

"We support the membership of Bulgaria and Romania in Schengen, because the Balkan countries play a very important role for us," Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson, whose country currently holds the EU presidency, told the plenary hall of the European Parliament. However, he did not directly answer questions from MEPs from both sides about whether this issue would be a priority for the Swedish presidency.

Two topics do not find a place in the Swedish presidency - the future of Schengen and the integration of the Western Balkans, MEP from "Renew Europe" Ilhan Kyuchuk emphasized in his speech: "Mr. Prime Minister, two topics do not find a place in the Swedish presidency. One topic is the future of Schengen - Bulgaria and Romania must finally be part of the Schengen area. Why is this not part of the agenda of the Swedish presidency?"

Източник: BNR