The report largely repeats Sarafov's Monday statement regarding Geshev

Deputy Prosecutor General and National Investigation Service (NIS) Director Borislav Sarafov filed a report to the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office against Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev, the prosecution service told to BTA on Tuesday.

The report largely repeats Sarafov's Monday statement regarding Geshev and contains allegations of a possible crime committed by the Prosecutor General.

Sarafov accused Geshev of using his influence to ensure that what is popularly known as the Barcelonagate case, a money-laundering investigation against GERB leader and former prime minister Boyko Borissov, is closed before the legally established timeframe.

The alert also contains allegations of illegal recording of a conversation involving a member of the Supreme Judicial Council by Geshev.

On Monday, the Prosecutor General said that he has asked Sarafov to resign over pursuing his own agenda and threatened to move for his replacement by the Supreme Judicial Council on Tuesday, unless he fails to do so. Later on the day, Sarafov stated that he is not going to resign, that he fears for his life and wants to have a security detail assigned to him.

Източник: BTA