Rossen Zhelyazkov is the prime minister-designate

Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev handed the first cabinet-forming mandate to Rossen Zhelyazkov who is the prime minister-designate of the largest parliamentary group - GERB-SDS. Minutes later Zhelyazkov announced the structure and composition of the cabinet, with one deputy prime minister and 19 ministers. 

Tomislav Donchev is the candidate for Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Innovation and Growth. Lyudmila Petkova is nominated for Minister of Finance, Daniel Mitov - for Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kalin Stoyanov - for Minister of Interior. Caretaker Transport Minister Georgi Gvozdeykov was nominated for Minister of Transport and Communications. Caretaker Minister of Tourism Evtim Miloshev was nominated to head the Ministry of Tourism.