The two candidates are Ivanka Dimitrova and Slavka Mihaylova

The Bulgarian-born candidate of Marine Le Pen's National Rally (RN) Party, Ivanka Dimitrova, remained in second place in the second round of the French elections with 40.02%. That shows data published on the website of Le Monde based on information from the French Interior Ministry.

Dimitrova lost the election for Constituency No. 2 in the Seine-et-Marne Department to Frederic Valletoux of the Horizons Party, part of President Emmanuel Macron's Ensemble alliance.

Valletoux won the second round of elections with 59.98% despite running second behind Dimitrova in the first round.

Another Bulgarian-born RN candidate - Slavka Mihaylova, remained third with 22.96% in the 1st Constituency of Lot behind the miscellaneous right candidate Aurelien Pradie with 53.78% and the New Popular Front candidate Elsa Bougeard with 23.26%.

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