The media was awarded on the basis of an independent consumer survey among young people in Bulgaria

In the year when NOVA celebrates its 30th anniversary, it has been awarded a premium quality medal by QUDAL - QUality meDAL. The media received the highest number of votes in the 2024 survey by the international market research and certification association ICERTIAS, which focused exclusively on Generation Z and Millennials.

"We greatly appreciate the Quality Medal from QUDAL because it comes from one of the most challenging audiences to attract. On the eve of such an important anniversary, this recognition encourages us to continue to innovate and develop not only our company, but also the entire media industry in Bulgaria," commented Dirk Gerkens - CЕО of Nova Broadcasting Group and Director for Programming, Production and Advertising Sales at United Media.

Focusing exclusively on the 18-43 age group, the survey relies on open-ended questions to ensure unbiased results. NOVA gathered the most votes among the 1,200 respondents to the question, "Name the television network with national coverage in the Republic of Bulgaria that you believe offers the absolute highest quality television programming overall."

The award is based on extensive research to determine which companies, products and services offer the highest level of quality in the market according to consumer opinion and experience. The results show that as the leading brand in terms of quality in its category, NOVA receives the high approval of young people in Bulgaria.

You can find the digital quality certificate HERE.

About NOVA

NOVA is the leading poly-thematic channel in Bulgaria, distinguished by its innovative programs and the introduction of many international television formats in the country. Supporting Bulgarian films and series has become a trademark of the company. NOVA offers high quality current affairs programmes, and its newscasts are among the leading sources of information, according to annual reports by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. Behind the "Trust the Experience" message are established journalists with a mission to report objectively. The media outlet has cooperative agreements with the U.S. Global Media Agency, CNN and DW.