There were four candidates for the post

The 50th Parliament failed to elect a National Assembly speaker at the beginning of its first session on Wednesday. 

There were four candidates: Raya Nazaryan (GERB-SDS), Petar Petrov ("Vazrazhdane"), Silvi Kirilov ("There Is Such a People") and Yuliana Mateeva ("Velichie"). Raya Nazaryan and Petar Petrov had the most votes in favour and their candidacies were put to a second vote, but again did not get the required 50% plus one vote.

Only members of Vazrazhdane voted in favour of their nominee - 41 in total. 112 MPs voted against and 85 MPs abstained.

115 MPs from GERB-SDS and DPS voted "for" Raya Nazaryan. 69 MPs voted against and 53 abstained.

The procedure will continue on Thursday.