Новината дойде дни, след като стана ясно, че внукът на Елизабет II се разделя с жена си

Племенникът на Елизабет II обяви, че със съпругата си са решили да се разведат. Дейвид Армстронг Джоунс и жена му Серена са женени повече от 25 години, пише Dailymail. Двамата сключиха брак през октомври 1993 година и имат две деца. 


Royal Scandal - Drug, Sex and Blackmail scandal of David Armstrong-Jones. . The Queen's nephew, David Armstrong-Jones then, Viscount Linley, was been named as the royal at the centre of a sex and drugs blackmail attempt in 2007. . UK law prohibited any of the newspaper from naming the hard-partying royal even though the story made headlines in the British papers. . The men allegedly demanded £50,000 in return for not publicising tapes they claimed indicated the royal had engaged in a sex act with an aide and using cocaine. . However different version of the tale goes, two men, Ian Strachan and Sean McGuigan, demanded £50,000 from 45-year-old Linley in return for film footage allegedly showing a royal aide talking of gay sex with him. The aide is also allegedly seen on a video tape taking cocaine from an envelope embossed with Linley's name. . After receiving the threat, Linley called the police who arrested the two men in a sting operation at the London Hilton hotel in exclusive Mayfair's Park Lane. The truthfulness of their claims is still unclear. . Buckingham Palace had declined commented on the affair, to paired as it was a police matter. . The Daily Telegraph published that the Crown Prosecution Service has blocked moves to required him to give evidence in the case. Ian Strachan and Sean McGuigan were sentenced to five years in prison at the Old Bailey central criminal court for their role in plotting to get money from Linley. . David, whose mother was the queen's sister, the late Princess Margaret, is viewed as one of the few royals to have a successful career. David Armstrong-Jones is the chairman of Christie's auction house and a highly successful furniture maker and interior designer. . He married Serena Stanhope in 1993 and the pair have two children. In 1990, he sued a British tabloid over a story accusing him of rowdy behavior in a London pub. He was awarded £30,000 in damages. . . . . . #britishroyalfamily #royalscandal #princessmargaret #royalwedding #queenvictoria #britishroyals #britishmonarchy #royalfamily #buckinghampalace #thecrown #queenelizabeth #queenelizabethii

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Нова раздяла в кралското семейство на Великобритания след Megxit

Говорителят на двойката заяви: „Графът и графинята на Сноудън са се съгласили по приятелски начин, че бракът им е приключил и че те ще се разведат. Те молят пресата да зачита тяхната поверителност и тази на семейството им.“


A year of Royal Weddings! . Wedding No 297 - David Armstrong-Jones and Serena Stanhope. . David Albert Charles Armstrong-Jones is the son of Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones, Earl of Snowdon. . On 8 October 1993, David, then known as Viscount Linley, married Serena Stanhope, daughter of Viscount Petersham (later the 12th Earl of Harrington) at St. Margaret's Church, Westminster. . The bride's dress designed by Bruce Robbins, was noted for its resemblance to Princess Margaret's 1960 Norman Hartnell wedding dress. . There were 650 guests in attendance, including Elton John, Diana, Princess of Wales, Jerry Hall, the Aga Khan, and King Constantine II of Greece. . David opened a workshop in Dorking, where he designed and made furniture for three years before setting up his own company, David Linley Furniture. . Serena borrowed the Lotus Flower Tiara from her new mother-in-law, Princess Margaret for her wedding. . Through her father, Sarena Stanhope descends from Charles II of England's illegitimate child, Henry FitzRoy, 1st Duke of Grafton. . In 2007 David was involved in a Royal blackmail plot allegedly showing him involved in sex and drugs with an aide, resulting an arrest of two people for blackmailing. . David and his wife have two children; Charles (b.1999) and Margarita (b.2002). . . . . . . . . . . #royalwedding #royalweddingcountdown #britishroyalfamily #queenvictoria #britishroyals #royalfamily #buckinghampalace #windsorcastle #thecrown #victoriaandalbert #monarchy #britishmonarchy #queenelizabeth #queenelizabethii #princephillip #princephilip #dukeofedinburgh #princessmargaret #weddingdress #weddingtiara #fairytalewedding

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Новината дойде дни, след като внукът на кралицата – Питър Филип, също обяви, че ще се раздели с жена си след 12 години брак.

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