The Pentagon and the contractor assured

US Ambassador Herro Mustafa, Romanian Ambassador Ion Galea and Georgian Ambassador Tamara Liluashvili, along with Bulgaria's Defense Minister Krasimir Karakachanov and the Chief of Defense, Admiral Emil Eftimov, visited the Naval Coordination Element for the Black Sea. 

The ambassadors were acquainted with the capabilities and tasks of the Naval Coordination Element. With their visit, the ambassadors also expressed their solidarity with Bulgaria's efforts to establish this maritime coordination center, Karakachanov commented. 

In response to a journalist's question, the minister said that there was no delay in the project for the new F-16 fighter jets due to the coronavirus crisis. "In a letter from the Pentagon and the contractor Lockheed Martin, we were assured that the pandemic would not delay the deadlines for the implementation of the contract," Karakachanov said.

The purpose of the Naval Coordination Element for the Black Sea is to carry out activities for analysis and exchange of information on the maritime situation in the Black Sea with the NATO Naval Command, the Naval Operation Centres of the neighbouring Black Sea countries and international initiatives.