It was in Bulgaria in 2008 and was isolated from bats

A new scientific publication claims that most Bulgarians have encountered a COVID-19-related virus 12 years ago. Therefore, in part, people in the country have some immunity and are not highly susceptible to the infection, said pulmonologist Dr. Alexander Simidchiev for NOVA.

115 new cases of COVID-19

The name of the virus is "CoV-2008/Bulgaria". It was in Bulgaria in 2008 and was isolated from bats. It is possible that this is the reason why the scale of the pandemic here is not so big, Simidchiev believes. 

The fact is that this virus was in Bulgaria and all calculations show that about 50% of the population has some immunity. It is likely that these are older people, the specialist added.

Bulgaria to allocate BGN 1.1 billion for social and economic measures in the fight against COVID-19

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