The test positivity rate now stands at 18.6 per cent

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Bulgaria reached 545,598, after 26,780 tests identified 4,979 newly infected persons on Monday, of whom 84.2 per cent are unvaccinated. The test positivity rate now stands at 18.6 per cent.

Sofia City Region tops the list of new cases with 1,451 positive tests, followed by Plovdiv Region with 456 cases, Stara Zagora Region with 301, Montana Region with 243 and Varna Region with 240 cases.

Minister Katsarov: New anti-epidemic measures to be introduced country-wide

The active cases are 63,241. Currently, the hospitalized patients number 6,258, including 537 in intensive care. Of the 1,251 newly hospitalized patients, 89.2 per cent are unvaccinated.

Another 2,009 COVID-19 patients recovered over the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 459,869.

A total of 214 fatalities were reported, of whom 94.4 per cent were unvaccinated, and the death toll now adds up to 22,488.

With 6,201 new inoculations over the last 24 hours, 2,634,699 vaccine doses have been administered so far, 1,388,405 people are fully vaccinated and 8,519 people have received a booster dose.

Източник: BTA