“I think that Radostin Vassilev does not work alone, he is just a tool of the services,” Petkov stated

“I believe in the power of real justice, I believe in the standard procedures of parliament and I hope that by following them we will reach real justice. At the same time, we will not allow the prosecution to be used as a cudgel. Not just about Borissov, but about all sorts of things,” said Continue the Change (CC) co-leader Kiril Petkov when he appeared for questioning at the Sofia District Prosecution Office on Wednesday.

“I think that Radostin Vassilev does not work alone, he is just a tool of the services,” Petkov stated. “I was questioned as a witness in connection with Radostin Vassilev and the recording. It was a very normal conversation,” the CC co-leader explained and added that he was not asked about threats against Vassilev.

Petkov said he was questioned about how, according to him, this recording happened, whether Vassilev recorded, how he recorded, etc. “I explained that the Zoom platform shows very clearly if someone is recording. This means that the recording happened with a device that was not connected to the platform, but was on the side,” he explained.

The CC co-leader argued the purpose of the recording being released now is clear - to stop the forming of a government. “Those who hope that there will be no regular government can be sure that we will do everything possible for Bulgaria to have a regular government, without making compromises to justify ourselves,” Petkov stressed.

Earlier on Wednesday, GERB leader Boyko Borissov told the press that he is not giving up his immunity as an MP. That was his response to calls for him to waive his immunity after the prosecution service proposed to the Prosecutor General Monday to approach Parliament to lift Borissov's immunity from prosecution so that he can be investigated in a money laundering pre-trial proceeding, popularly known as "Barcelonagate".

On Tuesday, the other CCco-leader, Assen Vassilev, was also questioned at the Sofia District Prosecution Office. On his way out, he told journalists that he had been questioned on the Radostin Vassilev’s threats signal. Vassilev added that he knew nothing about the case and this is what he told the investigators.

Източник: BTA