She lost the local election race in the capital city by just 1% of the votes

"We needed just a little more to win against the other coalition. All the power, financial, and technical resources available to PP-DB and GERB-SDS were harnessed against us". This is how Vanya Grigorova commented the results of the local elections in Sofia. According to CEC data, Grigorova lost the battle against the other candidate - Vasil Terziev. She received 46.89% of the votes. Terziev won the race with  48.20%.

"I would be the first to congratulate Mr. Terziev if the court decided that these results and the manner in which they were achieved were lawful," Grigorova said.

According to Ivan Takov, chairman of BSP - Sofia, Grigorova's headquarters were currently checking the protocols and counting the votes from the second round in the capital. "I can already tell you that we have enough grounds to challenge the final result of the election and we will do so according to all the rules," Takov pointed out.