"This is my decision, made a long time ago", she said

Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova said that she will not run for office again in the next local elections, which are to be held at the end of this year.

"This is my decision, made a long time ago. Many people know about it, but it's time to announce it to everyone," Fandakova said on the air of NOVA.

When asked if there is already a designated mayoral candidate from her party, GERB, to join the mayoral race for the capital, Fandakova replied that "there are speculations", but she is not yet aware of officially announced and promoted candidates from any party.

In connection with recent changes in Sofia's public transport ticket system that caused some controversy, Fandakova confirmed that the monthly subscription card will be brought back as an option, but it will take some time, as this will require regulatory changes. She also mentioned a proposal to drop the decision to require card validation during every public transport trip.

Regarding the flu wave in the country, the Sofia Mayor explained that according to data from the Sofia's Regional Health Inspectorate, there is an increase in cases of infection, but it is gradual and at this stage it is not yet necessary to declare a flu epidemic in the capital.

Fandakova also indicated that restoration of the yellow brick paving stones in front of the National Assembly building will begin as soon as the weather conditions permit. She recalled that the company that performed the previous controversial substandard repair was fined BGN 100,000 for violating the integrity of the paving stones, which have been declared a cultural monument.

Източник: BTA