These include restructuring the Supreme Judicial Council

The Continue the Change – Democratic Bulgaria coalition (CC-DB) is launching talks with all parliamentary forces for four revisions to the Constitution. These include restructuring the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC), considerable cuts of the Prosecutor General's authority, introduction of a direct constitutional appeal and revision of caretaker government status, the coalition leaders said on the sidelines in Parliament, as quoted by the coalition's press office Wednesday.

Democratic Bulgaria Co-chair Hristo Ivanov outlined the ideas for amendments to the Constitution for which the coalition will seek support in Parliament as follows:

1. A restructuring of SJC that would finally divide the judicial from the prosecutorial quota, with introduction of a real public quota in the latter, while the college of justices would guarantee complete independence of the court.

2. Maximum curbing of the authority vested in the prosecutor general, particularly those related to staff appointments, with a view to terminate all forms of formal and informal influence behind this particular totalitarian model.

3. Introduction of direct constitutional appeal or providing maximum access of the people to constitutional justice.

4. Reconsidering the institution of caretaker government to make it focused on conducting elections alone, not a source generating a quasi-presidential regime.

In turn, the other DB co-leader, Atanas Atanassov, announced that the coalition would also table bills related to the work of the special services and the Interior Ministry.

Източник: BTA