Another 25 beds will be added to the existing 25 beds

There are no free beds for patients infected with coronavirus in the Sofia's Alexandrovska Hospital. "As one of the largest medical institutions in Sofia and in the country, we will have to open another COVID-19 ward," said the hospital's director, Prof. Boris Bogov, in an interview for NOVA. Another 25 beds will be added to the existing 25 beds.

Hospitals to stop routine admission in more than 120 cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 population

Currently, the hospital has two patients on ventilators, five are in the intensive care unit, and the rest are in a milder condition. There are 14 infected medical professionals in the hospital, but they are in good condition.

1,589 new cases of coronavirus reported

According to Prof. Bogov, the new order of the Ministry of Health to terminate the planned admission of patients for medical procedures and operations is aimed at opening additional beds for patients with coronavirus in hospitals.

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