That was announced by Finance Minister Rositsa Velkova

The minimum monthly salary in Bulgaria is expected to reach BGN 940 (EUR 480) as of 2024, caretaker Minister of Finance Rositsa Velkova said in an interview with the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR). This is enshrined in the three-year medium-term forecast on which the 2023 draft budget is based.

The medium-term forecast will be presented in Brussels. The budget will be put to a vote in the next National Assembly. The forecast also envisages that the minimum wage reach BGN 1038 in 2025 and BGN 1128 in 2026.

There will be two buffers in the 2023 state budget: capital expenditure cannot be redirected to another type of expenditure; the second buffer is a 10% limitation of expenditures that can be spent in the fourth quarter provided the balance is not disturbed.